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“… I would compare this to having a Mod Squad of deep cleaning specialists descend upon your home, each taking pride and ownership in the job they perform. They truly operate as a team–each cleaner handles a specific area from top to bottom, completing their work to the highest standard. It was amazing to me how they synchronized their efforts. The owners are on site, supervise and coordinate in order to make sure everything gets done– quantity with top level quality. When they left, every room was sparkling and spotless. I would definitely hire this company again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch home cleaning service. …”

“… TLC is without question the best cleaning service that I have EVER used. I have dogs and it is inconvenient for me to have people come into my home to clean. A cleaning crew of people who know what they are doing came and completely transformed my house. I never expected to come home and see what they had accomplished in hours. I can’t express my appreciation enough. I know that I will be hiring them again but will not wait as long as I did this time. …”

“… I use TLC as my monthly home cleaning service and I have used them for 7 years now. They are prompt and on time – on the rare occasion of a delay due to traffic they have called me and notified me of that delay. If I need to change a scheduled day of service they are flexible and will work with me to find another date that is mutually acceptable. It is wonderful to have my home cleaned in an efficient and thorough manner and that is why I have remained a satisfied customer! …”

“… My wife and I have used many cleaning services in the past but none compares to TLC. The term “you get what you pay for” is most appropriate. They charge $350 an hour for their services but 8 to 10 people come into your home and clean it from top to bottom. Each person is courteous and speak English, which is unusual in and of itself. Lois and Tim, a husband and wife team, are the owners and the leaders of the group of folks who come to do their job. Lois, Tim and team are all very nice people, as well, which is a bonus. Once they’re done, the house is immaculate. While the price per hour looks high, on a man-hour basis they are no more expensive than any other cleaning service. The difference is attention to detail; we have never experienced this quality of service and level of care before. We have they come once a week and in that way the house is always in great condition. We HIGHLY recommend TLC. …”

“… From the moment I contacted Lois at TLC Cleaning I was extremely impressed. She listened to my needs and we discussed issues I have had with other cleaners over the years. It had been an exhausting and expensive process trying to find someone who understood my needs. We scheduled a time for her to visit and go over what needed to be done. Lois pointed out areas that needed to be cleaned that I didn’t know existed, like the grease trap over the stove (it was filthy!), and took notes as we did the walk through. I was impressed again by her attention to detail and knowledge about cleaning every area. On the first day they cleaned, I was a bit apprehensive about having 10 cleaners in the house at once. Would it be complete chaos? Happily, it was quite the opposite! Lois and Tim, the owners, and their amazing crew, work together like a well-oiled machine. They all work thoughtfully and carefully, as well as efficiently. And, they care about their work and take pride in doing an exceptional job. Lois had already briefed the team on everything we discussed in our initial meeting, like how I want everything put back exactly as it was found, and my obsession about the beds being made properly. I did not have to repeat anything that we had already discussed! Yay!! As the team worked I watched in awe, thinking, finally someone gets it!! My 7,300 square house was cleaned thoroughly, top to bottom. Air conditioning vents in the ceiling, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and dirty grout in the bathrooms, were all perfectly cleaned and sanitized. And, they bring all of their own products and equipment. Yay!! As they cleaned, weight lifted from my shoulders because I knew I’d found the right company to care for my home properly. With Tim always on site, I know I don’t need to supervise a thing. He makes sure that everyone is working efficiently and carefully, and answers any questions they might have. And, it is nice to know that each team member is a specialist in the area they clean. The same person always does the same area, so they really get to know your house. Additionally, if there is anything that needs attention they let me know, like that my shower was coming apart in areas I hadn’t seen, or that a faucet in a barely used room was leaking. Yay!! My house is cleaner than it has ever been, and I am a “clean freak”. I rest easy knowing I can trust and count on TLC to do what no housekeeper/housecleaning service has been able to do And, they are not in my house all day. After getting the house up to speed on the first visit, it only takes them an hour or so to maintain my house each week. I love that I don’t have to plan to be gone for hours at a time waiting for the cleaners to leave so that I can work. Yay!! Thank you Lois, Tim, and all of your awesome team members. You make my life easier, and I truly appreciate all of your hard work and attention to detail. Great job!!! …”

“… The TLC team did a phenomenal job. They cleaned places we hadn’t seen since the original purchase of the home – behind the washer/dryer, tops of cabinets, etc. The team was very professional and thorough. Would definitely recommend to other parties interested in a top notch cleaning service. …”

“… Excellent house cleaning service. Large cleaning crew does the job in a short time. The owners
provide all materials and products, accommodate special requests and travel with the crew. Very highly
recommended. I’ve used them for almost seven years. …”

“… The is bar none the best cleaning service in Las Vegas. They clean every detail from top to bottom. They use the best and safest products for our delicate finishes. The staff is friendly and eager to help. Tim and Lois are exceptional. Beyond excellent customer service. …”

“… I had just purchased the house and wanted a top to bottom cleaning, and they not disappoint. Upon arrival the crew of 10 immediately jumped out of their vans and started unloading cleaning supplies. They spread throughout the house and systematically cleaned each room floor to ceiling, including light fixtures, ceiling fans, cabinets, and all bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Appliances were all cleaned and sanitized. I was very impressed with their attention to detail, especially to cleaning the baseboards, doorways, and the floors under the appliances. Once cleaning was complete, they immediately packed up and were on their way. Overall, a very professional experience. …”

“… I have used this company for many years. It isn’t an ordinary cleaning company. On cleaning day a large crew arrives with all their equipment and supplies. Each crew member specializes in cleaning a different room. They do an excellent job and when they finish the house is immaculate. The crew is very professional and courteous. They always arrive when scheduled and in an hour the entire house is spotless. This company is reliable, trustworthy and able to adjust the cleaning schedule when the need arises. I highly recommend them. …”

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